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In the last year, we have been restoring and updating the last wing of our university cloister to make space for more friars.  It’s just about ready, and now we need your help to prepare the chapel and sacristy for the friars and students.

W E   A R E   G R O W I N G !

In Fall 2020, the number of Dominican friars living at the Angelicum will increase significantly to serve the university. There is a waiting list of friars from around the world who would like to live in the Angelicum’s convent located above the university.  We expect to have 60+ friars in residence by Fall 2020. Plans are to grow to a community of 75 friars.  This summer before they arrive we need to add chasubles for the conventual Masses, 5 vol. sets of Latin breviaries, and new storage cabinets in our 16th c. sacristy.  All of these needs directly affect the spiritual life of the friars who work, teach and study at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas.  We need your help in order to make this happen.


Can you help us reach out goal BEFORE September 2020?

Amount needed:  USD $28,900 (EUR  €25,560)



1) The Holy See is publishing a new edition of the Latin Breviary.  This is the basis of our daily prayer. Our community will need 75 Breviaries (5 vol.) sets – Libreria Editrice Vaticana edition: $226 (€200) / each set = $16, 967 (€15,000)

2)  80 new concelebrant chasubles (20 for each liturgical color to add to those on hand) : $36 (€32) / chasuble = $2,880  (€2,560).


3) The current state of our 16th c. sacristy calls for the construction of new custom cabinets = $9,060 (€8,000).


I would be delighted to meet or talk with you personally.


fr. Benedict Croell, O.P.  mobile: +1.202.642.3597 (USA) | WhatsApp

THANK YOU LATEST DONORS:  $370 from C.H. from Seattle, Washington +  $2,667 from M.V. from Cincinnati, Ohio

Thank you for your support!



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