Don’t put off your studies any more! Here is your opportunity to start right now.

Don’t put off your studies any more! Here is your opportunity to start right now.

During this difficult time, marked with the Covid-19 pandemic, and thanks to external donations, we STILL want to offer further, extraordinary help to the students who want to start their programme at the Angelicum.  First-year students of the baccalaureate and licentiate programmes may apply for an emergency scholarship allowing them to receive up to a 50% reduction of the usual academic fees in the upcoming academic year (that is, two consecutive semesters) and may begin either in the Spring or Autumn (Fall) of 2021.

This extraordinary help can be given to the first 81 students who apply.

Who can apply: 

  1. Students who want to enroll for the February 2021 semester of the first or second cycles (baccalaureate and licentiate programmes) in Theology, Social Sciences and the Mater Ecclesiae Institute (Religious Sciences). 
  2. Students who want to enroll for the 2021-2022 Academic year for the first or second cycles of Canon Law or Philosophy.

Procedure:      (PDF)

  1. Register with the University.  You will need your matriculation number (received in the registration process) to be able to proceed.  Only applicants that have been accepted to the University and have paid the registration fee may apply.   Contact the dean of the faculty to apply.  Dean information can be found on our website.   
  2. Fill the google form out completely; see the link below (the responses will be automatically sent to our offices).  (Please note: Applications will be considered according to the time of submission of COMPLETED form and confirmation of Registration in a Faculty or Institution.  Those which are not completed entirely will not be considered for scholarships.)      FORM

Remember that the grant is extraordinary; we do not expect to repeat it next year.  Scholarships are awarded on a first come basis.  Recipients will be informed once registration is established.  Applications where Forms are incomplete and Registration is not confirmed means the application is rejected until these are in place. The student may lose the position on the list.  For questions regarding these or other opportunities for financial assistance, please message us on Facebook®️ (soon will appear here)  or email us at